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Wednesday's Daily Announcements

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A reminder to the 4 students from div 8-8 to meet Mr. Stanchfield in his classroom at recess (1:44) to pick up the pumpkins.


And now some breaking news from our principal, Mrs. MacEwan 

(hand phone to Mrs. MacEwan)

Mrs. MacEwan plays “breaking news” sound effects

Good morning Royal Oak, some breaking weather news this morning, I’m looking out my window and it is FALL!  Yes indeed, summer is OVER and it is likely going to rain everyday (on and off) for the next 5 months. So   . . . you may be wondering . . . 

Do you need to go outside everyday at recess and lunch and for PE classes EVEN when it’s raining?

Are we brave westcoast eagles who will not melt with a whittle bit of wain?

Can you can bring a raincoat, umbrella, change of clothes . . . whatever you need to be comfortable at school?

Should you still use the same washroom by the home ec room?

Should you be outside everyday at lunch unless It is your divs day for intramurals?

What if it’s your floor’s turn, can you go to  the LC ?

How about if You are in a club/practice/classroom with a teacher or coach at recess or lunch?


Thanks Royal Oak. Stay tuned for more breaking news next month when its going to be . . . wait for it . . . WINTER! And now back to our Gr 8 morning announcers.


Screamfest - There are still a few tickets left for anyone wanting to go tonight or tomorrow night, please see Mrs. Ryan.