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Pick-Up Planning

Pick-Up Planning

Keep Our Community Safe

In order to keep congestion at a minimum, allow our buses to run efficiently, and keep all community members safe, we ask that families plan for drop off and pick-up sites away from the main driveway of the school. 

Arranging a drop-off and  pick-up spot on Greenlea Drive or in the church or shopping center parking lot assists us in this goal and can support growing independence in middle school students. Please respect no parking zones, bus lanes, and disabled parking spots.

Finally, the roadway through the Travino complex (from Wilkinson Rd to Travino Lane) is private property for the use of the residents and guests only.  The Strata Council has respectfully requested that we pass this information on to our ROMS families. They have noticed an increase in traffic through the complex recently which presents a danger to their residents, many of whom are elderly. Please help us be good neighbors!